Lysa Black

In this gorgeous interview with Quebec’s own Andrée Trempe, a women’s entrepreneurial success coach and media personality… I share what prompted me to begin writing 2 years ago…. I opened up about how my past pain led me to my soul purpose. She even wiggled out of me the ‘Kumbaya’ vision motivating everything that I create and how I show up in the world!

It has been a secret dream for so long to be interviewed by someone speaking FRENCH?! – I can’t even begin to tell you how much this hit the spot… Thank you Andrée Trempe

So grateful to share this with you beautiful hearts
With my love <3

And this!

Ahh heart swell – So thankful to dear friend of 3 years Andrée Trempebringing her gorgeous accent to this LIVE unscripted book release interview… Having a french speaker interview me about a book release – CHECK! DONE <3 So fun!

I highly recommend gorgeous Andrée Trempe for her work with women in business helping them to rise above any past experiences to truly shine in their true essence. Her presenting and media experience gives emerging thought-leaders powerful support to shine and glow in their truth… See more about her magic here: <3

Namasté Lysa, my soul thank you deeply and profoundly!

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